WinWally Sorter Manager

The WinWally system is an advanced solution for sorter management in the sawmill and planermill. Production information is captured by WinWally as boards pass into the sorter, and data is arranged into an organized and logical database. Information can be viewed in real-time on the WinWally computer, or from a remote location. WinWally provides a user-friendly interface for setting up sorts and managing bins, configuring alarms and messages.

Improve Your Process and Save Time:

⦁ With the WinWally system all sorting is done in the tally instead of the PLC. This reduces PLC scan time and decreases the amount of PLC memory required. This also allows for limitless functionality and complexity in our sorting algorithms, allowing our customers the ability to get as creative or complex as the imagination allows.
⦁ The WinWally has been designed with redundancy, equipped with two hard drives. One hard drive operates the WinWally while the other provides a backup for the system. In the event of a hard drive failure, the hard drive cable can be moved to the backup disk and then the system will boot up and recover. This feature minimizes downtime.

New in Version 8:

⦁ New communications protocol: All bin data is stored in the PLC as each board is sorted. In the event of a hard drive crash, that data can be quickly sent back to the system once the computer is rebooted. No recounts required!
⦁ Reject bin configuration; select the exceptions and lengths for each bin.
⦁ Automated failover procedure; save time and money.
⦁ New enhanced graphical user interface; Windows 10 based, 64-bit.
⦁ SQL Server Express, 64-bit.


⦁ Downtime is a major concern in any mill, and not always easy to pinpoint trouble spots. The WinWally system addresses this issue in the sorter/trimmer area. WinWally handles all error messages, and makes it easy to set up downtime reports that can be saved and set up to print at the end of every shift.

Troubleshooting: Finding the Problem Quickly:

⦁ With up-to-the-second board monitoring, you view the decisions being made on each board as its raw dimensions are handed to the WinTally. If a problem occurs, the enhanced diagnostic troubleshooting screen allows you to easily test or cycle lamps, smart gates, diverters, trim saws, and other items. With a simple click of a mouse, a millwright can turn a test cycle on a chosen area to check its cycling speed, cushioning, etc. The WinTally system also offers the ability to change PLC timing and monitor certain data, saving troubleshooting time. Security access levels allow some users to make changes and others to view only.

Standard Features:

⦁ WinTally is integrated with the Lineal and Transverse High Graders (LHG and THG); products can be set up at the High Grader and sent to the WinWally. Products can also be manipulated in the High Grader to meet WinTally grade mixing rules.
⦁ Solid support with standardized WinWally, Ethernet IP.
⦁ MyMill mobile machine control lets you manage your sorting process from anywhere!
⦁ Graphical Interface: Users can instantly see what exists in the bins and sorts, and can quickly react.
⦁ WinWally user mills can target new markets. The tally is product based and its user-friendly Sort screen allows fast set up of complex sorts.
⦁ Sorts can be prioritized and priorities can easily be altered. Reacting to current business priorities, preferred packages can be created ahead of less critical ones.
⦁ Multi-user functionality allows users to access the Tally and control it remotely or from multiple stations.
⦁ Bin chasers can control the sorter from a remote station located near the bins.
⦁ Viewing the bins at a glance is enabled through the Graphical Bin screen.
⦁ Change Runs can be done in as little as one second without stopping the chain.
⦁ The WinTally VFD interface can set up and control drive speeds to optimize running speeds per product run. Tables of speeds are stored by drive and input length by run.
⦁ WinTally is contained in a single desktop personal computer, including monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
⦁ Timing screen for various required points throughout the system.