3D Proma wood scanners

The best in log and board value recovery.

When processing wood products for maximum value recovery, every cut counts. Ruggedly built Proma+scan 3D scanners provide your saw or planer mill with accurate, reliable data at production speed to optimize log and board breakdown decisions.

Profile lumber for size and shape, build high-resolution color images to enable defect inspection, and conduct full tracheid measurement for improved knot detection. No other wood scanning solution offers all three of these abilities in one device.

Bolt-on and go

Equipment that operates in mills must be durable and tough. Proma+scan 3D sensors are designed to bolt onto your scan frames and get down to work, even in the dust and dirt that comes with the territory.

All Proma+scan sensors include:

⦁ Gasketed, dust proof IP67 industrial grade housings
⦁ Factory calibrated optics, for reliable and accurate 3D measurement
⦁ Impressive ambient light and dark surface handling
⦁ Gigabit Ethernet for real-time data delivery
⦁ Ability to synchronize multiple sensors to cover large scanning zones
⦁ Five year warranty

High speed, high-density profiling - optimizes log and board value recovery

Proma+scan offers faster scan rates, superior dynamic range, rapid color profiling, full tracheid measurement for knot detection, and improved reliability and repeatability for maximum value recovery.

Proma+scan 2000 series for log and lineal edger optimization applications

Fast, high-density scanning with superior dynamic range

⦁ Fast scan rate (6 Hz w/ acceleration)
⦁ 5-megapixel stereo camera minimizes occlusions
⦁ Achieves down to 6 micron XY resolution
⦁ Pick-and-place friendly for robotic/stationary inspection applications

Proma+scan 3000 for coplanar scanning in transverse applications

Rapid, multi-point 3d profiling

When Proma+scan 3000 sensors are mounted in the same opposing plane, they provide true differential lumber thickness profiling without being affected by chain vibration or board bounce. Plus, LMI’s scalable scanning platform integrates multiple sensors into one 3D scanning system, which can deliver real-time data via Gigabit Ethernet

Proma+scan 4000 for complanar scanning with tracheid detection

Identify grain angle, sound vs unsound fiber, and blonde knots

Get all the same functionality of the Proma+scan 4000 for profile scanning in transverse applications, with the additional capability to detect tracheid effect. The Proma+scan 4100 scans tracheid cells in the wood fibre at 500 Hz, measuring for magnitude and dir

Proma+scan 5000 for coplanar scanning with color vision

Multi-point 3d profiling with 2d color imaging

The Proma+scan 5000 sensor combines high-density 3D profiles with sub-millimeter 2D color imaging at high scan rates for impressive lumber surface characteristic recognition. The result? The highest value recovery from every cut. Designed for true coplanar scanning in transverse applications, the 5000 delivers excellent data accuracy.