LS 200 Cross Scanner

Multipurpose quality scanner for complex transverse scanning operations.

Innovative Precision

LS 200 lumber cross scanner is a transverse lumber intelligent scanning system. It provides for autonomous multipurpose quality and defect recognition, including control of cracks, grain deviation, knots, lack of material, complete board dimensions, color variations, finger joints etc. for wooden boards of various dimensions. The machine supports up to 4-side scanning of boards. The system is used in any application regarding transverse lumber scanning operations. It supports accurate scanning of still as well as moving lumber pieces, with numerous options to control any required wood processing machinery. It uses multiple cameras with laser triangulation, encoders, various sensors etc. to deliver the best possible scanning performance. Real time 3D models of the boards are displayed directly on the industrial touch screen terminal unit. Image of every individual board can be viewed at any time through a constantly generating database. Data about individual boards, statistics and supplier tracking is also available. Software part of the solution is based on the in-house developed artificial intelligence algorithms for machine learning image processing. The system is taught for each client, which parameters are required to be detected and classified.

Powerful in All Aspects

LS 200 lumber cross scanner is a sophisticated system that can detect, measure and evaluate knots, cracks, lack of material, dimensions of wooden boards, classify colors and grain deviation, recognize weins etc. The system can support very high production line speeds, while high quality images are taken automatically and the accurate data is presented. Quality of the wood can be determined in percentage for each parameter separately, which is the important data for the further machinery actions. Artificial Intelligence technology is used to ensure for consistent and accurate scanning operations. We can also control the line machinery for sorting and grading, cutting etc. All of the gathered information is displayed directly on the industrial touch screen terminal where it can be examined by qualified personnel. For more capabilities check out our brochure.

Latest Technological Innovations

The system consists of the latest technological innovations to provide for the best in class precision and performance. 3D laser triangulation sensors, color cameras, encoders, other sensors etc. are incorporated in the machine. Every LS 200 lumber cross scanner is adapted to support boards of any desirable shapes and sizes, meaning that the length and shape of the housing is suited to best fit each individual client.

Robust for the Purpose

LS 200 lumber cross scanner is designed and built to fulfill the purpose of heavy industrial requirements. The machine is constructed from high quality materials, while at the same time providing complete dust and particle proof solution. With every scanner also comes the central terminal unit with industrial touch screen. The terminal unit serves for data inputs and outputs, where live data, as well as previously scanned board can be observed at any time. Any required maintenance or service work will also be done easily due to our innovative modular design providing simple access to the heart of the solution.

Fit for Any Situation

Our scanner can support different types of wood species such as engelmann, sitka spruce, douglas fir, pondarosa pine, lodgepole pine, larix, maple, oak etc. Any other wood species can also be defined for recognition. System has been developed with a clear purpose of uninterrupted imperfection detection and sorting at high conveyor belt speeds. A powerful and technologically advanced solution that will ensure consistent quality and contribute to massive financial savings in industrial process. Basic design elements can be completely adjusted and adapted. Different color schemes of the structure can be picked and applied as well.