LS 100 Mega Scanner

Multipurpose quality scanner with multiple cameras and x-ray option providing advanced functions with optimal results.

Recognition Through Out

LS 100 lumber mega scanner is a multipurpose high-performance intelligent wood quality scanner providing maximum efficiency and high detection rate. It uses multiple cameras with laser triangulation, encoders, various sensors etc. to deliver the best possible scanning performance. We can detect imperfections on the surface as well as in the core of the wooden boards if x-ray function is chosen. Real-time 3D models are presented on the industrial touch screen display on a separate terminal. All of the images taken are displayed directly and of course stored in the database that can be viewed at any time. The scanner can operate in all industrial conditions allowing for uninterrupted industrial line workflow. The system can be used for cut optimization applications, sorting and for any other application requiring precision lumber scans. Software part of the solution is based on the in-house developed artificial intelligence algorithms for machine learning image processing. The system is taught for each client, which parameters are required to be detected and classified.

Extensive Wood Detection Functions

LS 100 lumber mega scanner can support wood surface defect recognition from multiple sides. Knots, cracks, lack of material, grain deviation, colors etc. can be detected, classified and accessed. Wooden boards can also be accurately measured. Acquisition of x-ray scanner is also possible, providing measurements at 2.000 frames/sec. It can create an accurate wood density map with complete measurements through the entire length and width of the board as well. Defects in the wooden core are detected, evaluated and measured. The system acts completely automatically to evaluate the defects and to further on arrange the wooden boards in the production line. All of the gathered information is displayed directly on the industrial touch screen terminal where it can be examined by qualified personnel. For more capabilities check out our brochure.

Cutting-Edge Technological Components

Scanner is built from the latest and custom developed cutting-edge technological components. Color triangulation cameras, laser scanners, encoders, sensors, x-ray unit etc. are placed from all sides for the most accurate scanning results. Plus, all of the functions that LS 10 lumber compact scanner is providing are also relevant for the LS 100 model.

Built for Industry

LS 100 lumber mega scanner is built from durable structure that is able to support all heavy industrial needs. Housing that is enclosing the technological components is built from high quality materials and is absolutely dust and particle proof. At the center of visual feedback lays the terminal unit with industrial touch screen. All commands and adjustments can be set right via the touch screen interface. Any required maintenance or service work will also be done easily due to our innovative modular design providing simple access to the heart of the solution.


With our scanner we can scan different types of wood, while maintaining the quality of the scans. We can also provide high level of adaptability and customization to best fit all of our customer’s wishes and requirements. Basic design elements can be completely adjusted and adapted. Different color schemes of the structure can be picked and applied as well. With our expertise we can also provide you with a completely customized solution. Any advanced scanning of elements on the wooden surfaces or internal wooden areas can be incorporated in our system. Complex operations like quality scanning of specific woodworking components can be built into the solution if needed.