Rawmill Suite Edger Optimizer

Today's optimization systems are tasked with providing increasingly complex features as mills work to compete in an ever-changing marketplace. Rawmill Suite Edger optimizer can provide accurate edge optimization that is crucial to maximizing mill profits. Sawmill Suite software includes solutions for edging, trimming and curve sawing gang lines, paired with state-of-the-art scanning systems. Rawmill Suite Edger Optimization is available with lineal or transverse scanning systems. The Rawmill Suite Edger Optimizer is compatible with our BioVision green mill grading solution.

Superior scan density provides more detailed information about each board. This ensures highly accurate lengths, wane detection, board sizes and better detection of dimensional defects and warp.

We have integrated our optimization products with the latest scanning technology to take advantage of vision-based data collection and classification, offering even more valuable recovery from the raw material. Rawmill Suite is fully integrated with our TrioVision systems, for automated grading in green mill environments.

Sawmill Suite is also available on our MyMill mobile optimization interface.

Evolving technology:

⦁ As technology evolves we are committed to offering customers the latest advancements to maintain their level of competitiveness in the global marketplace. Toward this end we are continually adding new features, diagnostics, and throughput enhancements.

Edger solution diagnostic:

⦁ Reports cross section scoring.
⦁ Allows user intervention to propose a solution, then review the optimized evaluation.

Edger repositioning with risk analysis:

⦁ Rawmill Suite targets the most valuable solution that the edger is capable to produce.

Random width logic:

⦁ Independent edge evaluation.
⦁ Square edge detection allows saws to be configured to set in/out from the board's edge.
⦁ Random width pieces fail for "too thick" (if resaw is not available downstream).

Defect tuning:

⦁ Highly dense full-board scanning with no gaps, both vertically and horizontally; maximizes dimensional measurement accuracy.
⦁ Auto-calibrate function for fast tuning and easy routine maintenance.
⦁ Number of possible skew orientations for the optimizer to consider.
⦁ Length accuracy to 1/4" (6.3mm) or better, no extra photocell required. Fewer components decreases maintenance requirements and lowers cost of ownership.
⦁ Automatic failed sensor and debris detection. Immediate on-screen notification alerts the operator to a problem, helps ensure maintenance issues are dealt with quickly.

Automated grading capability:

⦁ Rawmill Suite Edger Optimizer easily processes geometric, visual and grain angle measurement (GrainMap) scan data, for fully automated defect recognition and grade classification.
⦁ Knot detection and classification.
⦁ Split/shake detection.
⦁ Defect grade by product.

Automated grading capability:

⦁ Operates on the Microsoft Windows operating system to make better decisions through increased processing power.
⦁ Percent wane setup; wane is expressed as a percentage at a threshold.
⦁ Intel DP support; increased processing speed.
⦁ Enhanced decision logic ensures maximum product recovery, weighted for optimum centering, maximized value.
⦁ Equivalence setup configuration.
⦁ System status display.
⦁ Auto spec automatically assigns a product specification to a piece, based on its dimensions; allows user to configure required dimensions, by order of importance, for each specification.
⦁ Accommodates up to 8 saws, 7 tailers, outside chip heads, collared or guided saws, stub arbor. Saws can be configured with a variation of fixed bank, mix of fixed and moving saws, etc.
⦁ Fixed width enhancement; processes dimension, boards, timbers, planks, decking, etc., both domestic and export.
⦁ Random width enhanced logic supports independent edge evaluation, enhanced value search, and more.
⦁ Employs full trimmer logic.
⦁ Smart data fill eases repetitive manual data entry.
⦁ Off-line simulation and test modes; recorded board image and grade defect information for fine-tuning results and solving setup problems, system diagnostics and evaluation.