WoodExpert Log Optimizer

The WoodExpert Log Optimizer is used on more types of machinery that any other system because it provides more value than any other system. By utilizing LASIOR or lineal scanning sensors, any type of log breakdown system can be optimized. The WoodExpert Log Optimizer is part of the WoodWide suite of optimization products. It combines dense 3D scan data with the power of today’s high-speed computers to let you get the maximum value from every log.

Increased Grade, Recovery and Value

With more features, capabilities and scanning options than any other system in the industry, our Bucking Optimizer combines dense 3D scan data with the power of today’s high-speed computers to let you get the maximum value from every stem.

Configurable to Model Machinery 

⦁ Full modeling for edgers, trimmers, re-saws, fixed and variable spaced gangs.
⦁ Multiple cant production (left, center, and right).
⦁ Configurable cant stack board heights.
⦁ Complete chipper characteristics.
⦁ Downstream curve-sawing.
⦁ Horizontal and vertical skewing.

System Fine-Tuning

⦁ Detailed log rules.
⦁ Configurable edging, trimming, and planing penalties.
⦁ Parameters control chipping loads.
⦁ Configurable horizontal skew methods.
⦁ Horizontal and vertical shifting of solutions.
⦁ Optimize for value or volume.

Detailed Product Description Entry

⦁ Detailed product descriptions with graphical representation.
⦁ Unlimited products with up to 16 lengths per product.
⦁ Quick cutplan change and board product activation.
⦁ 4, 5, 6 and 8-point wane models, including secondary wane.
⦁ Assignable bin numbers for individual products.

Re-optimization Features Off-Line Analysis 

⦁ 3D stem images can be automatically saved to files for later off-line “re-optimization” .
⦁ Off-line and on-line results are identical, allowing for fine-tuning of settings without risking real wood.
⦁ Seamlessly integrates to our other optimizers.

System Architecture

⦁ Microsoft Windows Professional multi-threaded, multi-tasking, preemptive operating system, supporting multiple processors on an Ethernet local area network (LAN).
⦁ Most common PLCs supported.
⦁ Configurable Business Objects reporting package.

User Friendly interface

⦁ Photorealistic high-resolution 3D graphics with configurable user perspective.
⦁ Fully internationalized and localized.

Complete Suite of Reports

⦁ Provides complete information on system production and performance, for accurate management decision-making.

Export Reports

⦁ Export reports to other formats like spreadsheets, databases, word processors, and e-mail. Allows you to easily share information with colleagues and re-purpose information for statistical purposes.

Reports on Demand

⦁ Print reports on demand or automatically to a preset schedule. Information is available when you need it.

Create Your Own Custom Reports

⦁ Custom-design reports as needed for your mill’s individual needs. Uses industry standard Business Objects reporting software and dBase IV databases.