Ulti-Vision Lateral Scanners

The Ultimizer Lateral Scanners consist of three major components:

⦁ Multiple color cameras mounted over the lumber to be scanned (typically six cameras for 16ft long boards).
⦁ A high-capacity computer to process the scanned images.
⦁ Software to optimize the best rip yields based on customer input and needs.

An Integrated Work Cell

Ultivision software produces rip solutions considering the cutoff solutions at the same time. A color image showing actual defects and real-time solutions allows operators to see what sizes are being cut and that yields are as high as possible. Operator defect modifications can be made in some cases.

Actual image of scanned board from computer. Rip line images show where the ripsaws will cut

The Ultimizer Lateral Scanner uses computer technologies to find the best ripping solutions for every board

Rip Saw