Transverse High Grader

Smarter, simpler, and better than the competition, the Transverse High Grader (THG) puts our proven grade scanning technology into a transverse package. THG utilizes the time-tested technology derived from the LHG’s image analysis and optimization software and combines it with the most advanced sensor available today. TrioPuma 900LVG+ integrates GrainMap technology, XHD color vision and HD laser profiles with bright, white, and cool LED illumination. It collects ultra-high resolution images and precise geometric and grain angle measurements along the entire four surfaces of the boards – the highest resolution and fastest sampling rate of any transverse sensor available today. THG accurately detects, measures and classifies: bow, crook, twist, skip, wane; knots; pith; stains; decay; bark pockets; splits; shakes; worm holes.


⦁ When it comes to smart technology THG utilizes the industry’s newest sensor, the TrioPuma 900LVG+. One single, smart sensor combines GrainMap (grain angle) technology, XHD color vision (0.01”) and HD laser profiles (0.3”), at lightning-fast speed (2500 Hz). Unlike the competition, THG’s single-sensor design does it all – only better. It captures wood’s most minute characteristics, and feeds that data to the THG’s optimizer for analysis and classification.
⦁ Implementing THG is also simpler than the others. It fits smoothly into your existing flow. High lug speeds, no elevation changes, no hills to climb. From the sensors on through the entire grading system, THG is designed to streamline the process. Compared with the competition, it’s simply better!

Return On Investment:

⦁ When you’re ready for the most advanced, high speed system for grading in the planer mill, THG can deliver. Customers will achieve the following benefits.
⦁ Increased value from smarter cutting decisions.
⦁ The capability to cut-n-2, 3 or 4.
⦁ Graderless operation.
⦁ Recover more high grade lumber.
⦁ THG delivers high grade and recovery performance, and is smarter, simpler and better than the competition!