3D End Dogger scanner optimizer

Automation & Electronics have installed control systems on End Dogging Carriages in both Softwood and Hardwood Sawmills including applications in the Balsa wood sector.
Systems are integrated to our A&E Setworks controls and incorporate options for manual or 3D Scanning which feature skew and rotation positioning for best optimization.
Advanced features include: We also offer advanced vision options for automatic Pith detection and offset dogging applications. Other features include fast laser profile snapshot every 6 inches  (125mm) and on some applications full lineal profile every 1 inch (25mm) along the log length. Other features include Re Scan and manual override, metric or imperial, Log Historian archive of real images for log simulation and remote broadband support along with a full SQL database which includes production, downtime and alarm reports. Setworks interface is Ethernet to Allen Bradley, Siemens or other PLC for fully synchronized motion control, allowing for fast and smooth positioning